Importance of Assessment

Assessment is important because….

 “Asking students to demonstrate their understanding of the subject matter is critical to the learning process; it is essential to evaluate whether the educational goals and standards of the lessons are being met.”

“Nothing we do to, or for our students is more important than our assessment of their work and the feedback we give them on it. The results of our assessment influence students for the rest of their lives…”

Assessment and its associated feedback are essential to student learning. However, you may find that more of your time is taken up with the areas of assessment associated with quality assurance, rather than its potential to support students’ learning.  It is an integral part of instruction, as it determines whether or not the goals of education are being met. The effect of assessment is a key component of learning because it helps students learn. When the students are able to see how they are doing in class, they are able to determine whether or not they understand course materials. It helps to motivate the students





One thought on “Importance of Assessment”

  1. Enables Teachers’ Professional Growth By striving to better understand and guide students’ thinking and learning, we can become more reflective about our own practices and refine As a result of looking closely and sharing experiences with colleagues, we can develop new perspectives about how teaching, assessment, and learning interact and consider adjustments we might make in our teaching.
    A statement coming from a teacher “I was getting to each group and taking notes about each individual. But it didn’t feel right. I felt rushed and not very effective. So I reflected and talked it over with my fellow teachers in my science study group and began to see what was happening. . . . I needed to stop being a walking report card data collector and get back to facilitating good science practices.”
    As soon as we became more of a researcher into what our students were thinking and doing and less of a collector of information for end evaluations such as report cards, we were able to reflect on our practice. We decided to focus on becoming a better listener.

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