RR R.A no. 9258 known as GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING ACT OF 2004

RR R.A no. 9258 known as GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING ACT OF 2004(Reaction Paper)

During the implementation of the Guidance and Counselling Act of 2004 or the Republic Act 9258, probably, number of people heard it, but how many of us are truly aware of its effects on all flow. Maybe, we will say “that law is only applicable to all psychologists, guidance counsellor and those who practice such field of specialization”. Are we curious enough to question on, how fine do we understand the impact of the law on our current practice and future activities? Or there might even be some who are not fully aware of the law’s presence? Nevertheless, R.R. R.A 9258, also known as the Guidance and Counselling Act of 2004, is a law created and intended to professionalize the practice of guidance and counselling in the Philippines. The law also involves the creation of a Professional Regulatory Board of Guidance and Counselling who will be mandated by the law to formulate the necessary rules and regulations that will implement the provisions contained within, in coordination with the accredited professional organization.

Basically the laws summarized (RULE IV, section 27), that “No person shall engage in the practice of guidance and counselling without a valid Certificate of Registration and a valid Professional Identification Card or a Special Permit” and that “no corporation, partnership, association or entity shall operate a guidance and counselling office, center/clinic, testing center, rehabilitation center, or otherwise engage in the practice of guidance and counselling without first securing a permit from the Board”. Does this law affect the practitioner or does it boon or bane?

Actually, R.A 9258 shows an advantages and disadvantages for those who practice guidance and counselling, way of life, and community. As what stated in the declaration of Policy “to promote the improvement, advancement, and protection of the guidance and counselling profession by undertaking and instituting measures that will result in professional, ethical, relevant, efficient, and effective guidance and counselling services for the development and enrichment of individuals and groups”. The laws looking forward to legalize the guidance and counselling practice in the Philippines and prevention of improper practice. Today’s situations, many individuals were practicing guidance and counselling without any paper or certification, that comes out a question, do they provide excellent service than those who are certified? Probably, some will say YES and some also say NO. Each individuals always looking for satisfaction and you cannot please everybody or satisfy everyone of your rendered service. For example, you are asking help and advice to somebody of your personal problems, in fact you have an idea on how to go with it, upon knowing their opinion, you are still the only one to judge and responsible of the decision. Yet, all of us have its own way of practicing guidance and counselling. In our family, indeed we practice guidance and counselling to our children using our own ways, we all know that every day we are learning and our learning also lead to change our attitude and our attitude affects our behaviour, and people surrounds us to judge our practices as we apply of what we learned. Likewise, the guidance and counselling practitioner has their own approach of exercising their vocation, even if they do not have certificate but still they can manage to deliver the expected output. The only worries I have seen in the situations are those young generation who are planning to practice guidance and counselling that they may shift their career to other field, because of hardship in complying the requirements as stated in R.A 9258. With this situation, time comes that number of qualified practitioner will be reduced and other get into retirement age.

Guidance counselling Act of 2004 is an issue for those practitioners because it is the way of telling them that they are no longer allowed to practice by law and they need to spend several years to study, and train them, in effect, possibility of decreasing number of practitioner in the near future. However, it really depends on what one’s career goal, if he really works under the Guidance and Counselling so, he has no choice but to take up MA in Guidance and Counselling and apply for accreditation.


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