Successful learning


 “In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”
– Eric Hoffer

module 7Expanding my perspective in life, my heart, my social networks and reinventing myself is a sign for learning. Indeed, every person having different mid-set to facilitates their personal growth. It is the learners who are willing open their minds to achieve what they aiming for their life and gain success in the future.

But how do we engage to learn? Do we want to learn? There are times that we want to learn new things because we are bored of usual things we do. Yet, it is our heart searching for security and comfort. Sometimes we often lose views of what is important to merge in the vision that will lead to inactivity. This how reflection is important, to pose for a while to reflect what we did, the outcomes, and do I am in the right way? To challenge ourselves is not an easy task, to alter what is used to it is very difficult to achieve unless your desired for it is in your ultimate goal. Allowing ourselves to lock in a corner of stagnation is solely our own decision. If you allow yourself to grow, to expand your view in life, experiences, develop your skills and you professional development. We should be ready to face the challenge to go through the learning steps.

As a PTC student of UPOU and aspirant teacher, I will never stop learning. I define teaching is a two way traffic, imparting knowledge to students and learn from students experiences. For almost 1 year in UPOU, I have learnt a lot of things, especially the distinction between learning styles and learning philosophy. Although some experts are now questioning whether learning styles exist (in the manner we’ve come to know them), the preference for a particular approach to learning is thought to be innate. A learning philosophy is something that reflects what a learner has discovered and come to believe about learning. It answers, not the “how” questions (of style) or the “what” questions (of content), but the “why” questions. Why are I am learning? What role does learning play in my professional and personal life?

Happy learning!



2 thoughts on “Successful learning”

  1. Hello Gio. Taking EDS 103 and EDS 111 of UPOU is also an eye-opener for me. The past 27 years have been fruitful and rewarding because I was doing what I loved. But somehow, the long hours and pressure eventually took its toll. I neglected the value of learning new skills and knowledge. It really is important that we continue to learn and hone our skills.

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