Thank you for Learning!

Thank you Learning!

Thank you is not enough for everything that I have learned from you “Theory of Learning”.

The style of instruction in UPOU has not only developed my intelligence, views of learning, and assessment but my whole being as well. I learned that learning is best done when we are going to synchronize the use of our mind, heart and thinking. I realized that schooling is not as simple as listening to a teacher and memorizing what she wants us to memorize but also enhancing my cognitive learning and continually improved my potential skills and EDS 103 has introduced me to the different learning theories that have made my learning more meaningful and fruitful.

Thank you Teacher Malou for my teacher for theories of learning and assessment. Being non-education graduate, I never knew such methods and theories of education such a meta cognition concept exists.  I study theories of learning, I have changed my perspective on my personal intelligence and to construct personal learning strategies and style to regulate and self-direct my own learning experience. I realized that I am a learner who filled with ironic and interesting experiences from my previous knowledge. Teacher Malou has taught us how construct and organized our learning. The different learning theories have made me understand myself better as a learner. I have learned how to use different approaches like motivation, cognition and the like to facilitate my personal learning. As an educator someday, it will helped me better understand the differences in my students’ intelligence and how I can use the so many approaches available to deal with these differences in my class.

To conclude this course, my personal view on intelligence is the capability of a person to determine the meaning of his existence, therefore a person who has a well-developed existential intelligence clearly understands his reason for living and know how to improve and make use of all his other intelligence’s and clearly define success in his own terms and move towards its goal.




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